Refunds & Returns Policy

Although we are confident in the businesses we work with and the quality products and services we offer on, we care greatly for the peace of mind of our customers. Our Refunds and Returns Policy aims to secure your best interest. As we are acting as a liaison between the customer and merchant, we cannot be held responsible for the quality of the product or service delivered by the merchant, but will do all that is in our hands to channel complaints and resolve issues.


*We do not offer cash refunds.



Remember we are a platform offering businesses and customers a channel to buy and sell discounted products and services. Before purchasing any item or service please carefully read the description, details, and conditions. We will make sure to provide you with all the information you need to make informed purchases. We do not offer refunds or returns in cases where the information was clearly stated prior to purchase.



If you have purchased a service, activity, session, etc., make sure to take note of the voucher expiry date. The voucher will become obsolete after the expiry date and no refunds will be granted for customers that either did not use the voucher or realized after purchasing that they will for some reason be unable to use them before the expiry date.



If the product purchased via arrives defected, you have 3 working days to return the item in its original box, with all parts and accessories, as well as paperwork. We will refund the dollar amount spent on the item to your Discountet account to spend on any other product or service you want on our website.



If for some reason the service you purchase does not live up to the expected quality, please submit a complaint so that we can reevaluate the merchant. Our main focus is to ensure only the best offers from quality merchants. We will channel your complaints to the merchant’s customer service. Note that we are not responsible for the quality of the service delivered by the merchant, nor can we be held responsible for how the merchant will redeem themselves. In cases were the merchant rejects the voucher with no valid reason, we will refund your Discountet account the value of your voucher. You can freely spend refunded amounts on any other product or service on our website. We will not refund vouchers that have been used.

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